>Trafalgar Square – or is it trendy?


I really like the contrasts that Trafalgar Square offers – the ancient monuments and sculptures, the backdrop of the National Gallery, the rush of traffic, alongside the groups of children (and adults) scrambling on the columns and plinths. I like the way that modern art has been integrated to the square in recent years. (I don’t like the pigeons!)

The latest addition to the square is called “Model for a Hotel 2007”. I think it’s great. It really does catch the eye, and it seems to change subtly as the passing traffic is reflected on its underside.

For me the integration of modern pieces reflects the vibrancy of the city, and prevents the square becoming
dated and out of place in our society. Not everyone
agrees – as you can see from the Guardian article. But each to their own!

I hope it’s still there the next time that I’m down that way – I’d like to see it again, maybe at a different time of day, and see if I still like it.


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