>A terrible thing happened at school today…


… don’t panic – it’s not real.

Dolly D attended a stage make-up workshop as part of an ‘activity day’. The results are quite impressive. So impressive that she had to go to her cello lesson like this! The Fish Wife had to go in first and warn the teacher that it wasn’t real.

Activity days!! Call that education… when I was a lad we actually learned things at school (but try telling that to young people nowadays).

6 thoughts on “>A terrible thing happened at school today…

  1. >Ahhhhggh! I read the headline and saw the photo, before reading the small print – and was suitably shocked and horrified!Learn things?!????!? ….Isn’t it more efficient to dumb-down the exams?

  2. >jeez that is extremely real looking. I have actually been to crime scenes and Wow ! In the Americas, we now have something called “No Child Left Behind” where all the little kids are taught to a test (TAKS)that they must pass to move on up a grade level. Problem is, we are not teaching them to think for themselves, just regergitate information on a piece of paper. ~npp

  3. >Sorry if I startled anyone – I was “advised” to change the title of the post. But I like the dramatic impact… it appeals to the latent anarchy in my mind.To be fair about activity days, they do offer pupils an opportunity to try something a bit different – and they are planned for the days before timetables change etc. Today Dolly D was learning about podcasting, so who knows what might happen on a web near you!!

  4. >yikes!! i have no doubt my teen would much prefer this activity to the ones she complains about daily. you know…things like math, history, reading and writing. gore is oh so much more fun.

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