>coming together

> It intrigues me how some ideas take a wee while to come together – and sometimes they arrive in unexpected ways.

A while back I stumbled across the idea of Praying in Color and re-kindled my interest in calligraphy.

Through reading Sybil MacBeth’s book, I re-discovered the practice of lectio divina.

Speaking to a friend about calligraphy, I was introduced to Timothy Botts ‘Doorposts’ (note to self – must remember to return that book!) – a way of combining lectio divina and calligraphy.

More recently That Hideous Man introduced me to Wordle (see example above), which I’ve been playing with as an alternative to my own calligraphic efforts.

Then tonight I discovered the Jing Project which let’s you capture Wordle images in a crisp, clear format.

All in all, a variety of ways to inspire and help my personal spiritual life, and through Nurture Group (at least), hopefully give others something to ponder on.
Pretty cool!

One thought on “>coming together

  1. >Wow! That’s awesome. Our church is busy getting revamped and they’re looking for ideas for art work. I run a writing group and want to get some of the members’ work up – this could be a great way to do both. As soon as my credit card is unfrozen (I’ve been a victim of fraud!) I’ll try to get hold of that book you mention. Thanks for that.

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