>It was twenty years ago today…


Not Sergeant Pepper… but me and the Fish Wife getting married. Only a fool would choose to get married in the second half of St Andrews in October – but we met there, got engaged there, so where else would we get married? Anyway we had a brilliant day. The weather was great and so was the ceremony, the meal and all the other stuff that goes with a wedding.
And since then we’ve had 20 years of (mostly) happiness together – how great is that? (By the way the question is rhetorical.)

4 thoughts on “>It was twenty years ago today…

  1. >Congratulations on 20 years!Great to see the photo of the two of you all those years ago. Good to see that she looked too young for you, even two decades back! :-)Funny how much things have changed in twenty years. Back then we had an unpopular prime minister, and the country descending into recession, rising prices and unemployment, whereas now……..

  2. >yes yes yes. 20 years. I just passed 21 with my spouse in July and it seems so fast, yet so long ago we met. It takes some work to make it that long, as marriage never seems to be exactly what you think it will be. congrats. ~npp

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