>Bloggers block


I’ve got so many ideas swirling around in my head just now, but somehow I can’t settle down to write anything. I suspect that it’ll fall into place in due course – if I can just let it happen.

In the meantime…

This seems to confirm that there can be a silver lining to a raincloud.


4 thoughts on “>Bloggers block

  1. >One much-published historian told me that he often suffered from writers block – at the point of turning ideas into prose.He said that the secret was to sit and write…anything, on any subject of any quality! He reckoned the first few pages of A4 would be total mince which would immediately be shredded – but it would unblock his mind and by about page five or six – publishable material would again begin to flow.

  2. >I have experienced the same “Block” alot often. I think of some brilliant piece to write, of course i’m shaving or in the shower or mowing the lawn, and then the idea fads. and you all would have loved reading it, if only I could remember what “it” was. 🙂 ~npp

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