>The politics of Scrooge


Sometimes I wonder if politicians in this country (and probably everywhere) go out of their way to look foolish.  Today’s nonsense in Scotland is about Christmas cards – particularly the design chosen for the First Minister’s card.  The image offends political opponents because the saltire is deemed to be a symbol of nationalism… well, it is our national flag.  Doh!

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Would I have chosen this card?  No.

Is it worth a political stooshie?  No.

Will our politicians ever grow up?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.

3 thoughts on “>The politics of Scrooge

  1. >HideousI agree with your sentiment. I suppose that my frustration is that attacking the choice of a Christmas card, simply reflected poorly on all parties. There are more important things for our politicians to focus on.Actually, I don't think that our politicians playing football would be a very peaceful event in this day and age – bruises, abrasions, broken limbs and recriminations would be the most likely outcome!

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