>Thinking about… football shirts


Last night I caught the last 20 minutes of the Everton/ Manchester City game.  I don’t support either team, but I’ve got mixed feelings about Man City at the moment.  They used to be regarded as the team that real Mancunians supported, and were more true to their roots than their city rivals United.  Now they’re owned by a billionaire who seems to be intent on spending obscene sums of money to achieve success – but I digress.

What struck me was the strip that City were wearing – it’s their third kit for this season.  I really like it.

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I like it for three reasons:
  • the design is crisp and elegant;
  • it’s a throw back to an earlier era (the black and white background image), appealing to the long lost days of my youth;
  • the sponsor’s logo doesn’t overpower the design.
Sadly, the third bullet point isn’t true for their first or second kits!  Maybe more teams should adopt a similar strategy, rather than designing their gear around very large logos.

Just a thought.

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