Why I have an open door policy – part two

Yesterday I wrote about two, traditional reasons why I have an open door policy.

Today I want to explain a third, less normal reason. When I stopped to think about it, I came to the realisation that I wanted to ‘get caught’ doing things. To put that differently, I wanted to be open about how I spent my time, and about how much time I spend doing it.

So I wanted to get caught:

  • Going home early
  • Standing at my window, thinking
  • Doodling at my whiteboard
  • Reading
  • Playing ( I juggle for about 5 minutes a day)

I want to demonstrate that I practice what I preach. So if I encourage others to read and think and explore ideas, I feel that I need to do the same, and be seen doing it.

Maybe this is a bit strange for someone as introverted as me. But then again, maybe there’s a similar rationale behind my blogging?

Does anyone else have an open door policy, and if so, why?

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