The eyes have it

Yesterday my wife told me about a relatively trivial incident. A friend – someone that we’ve known for over 20 years – walked past her in the street. They were a within touching distance, but there was no communication. To be clear, she doesn’t think that she was being snubbed or ignored. Our friend was walking with her gaze fixed on the pavement (also she was ‘podded up’).

Then today, I was in a meeting and I noticed that one guy had gone completely. His eyes were completely glazed. If the room had been on fire, he wouldn’t have noticed. The funny thing was – he was one of the presenters and his business partner was talking at the time!

These minor incidents got me thinking about where my eyes are focused most of the time. Generally speaking I walk with my head up, but it’s a helpful reminder to mind my posture.

But I know that the meeting scenario is different. I’m aware that I can drift off and glaze over. Also guilty of staring at the table when bored or angry. Our external disposition frequently reveals our internal attitude.

So if the eyes are the windows of the soul, my soul needs a bit of a polish at times to put the sparkle back!


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