Don’t forget to review

I’ve been an advocate of ‘prep, do, review’ for a long time now. And, I can look back with satisfaction on some useful reviews. BUT they have always been associated with major projects.

So what about the everyday things that we are involved with – don’t they merit review? Have I forgotten that the whole point is to learn so that future ‘prep’ and ‘do’ can be better informed?

Clearly the answer is YES. Or, maybe my reality has never matched my rhetoric.

It seems to me that one of the problems (aside from rushing to start the next activity) is being sure when something has been finished, but I think that might be a topic for another day.

So when I say that I should review everything, do I really mean everything? Well, almost, but common sense does need to apply. For example, there’s no great need to review the e-mail sent to confirm a meeting time (unless you managed to screw it up!).

Rather than beat myself up about my dismal record to date, what I’m planning to do is make a point of systematically reviewing the following activities:

  • meetings attended;
  • reports produced by me;
  • tasks that I’ve delegated to others;
  • all situations where conflict has arisen;
  • all 1-to-1 sessions;
  • all books that I read;
  • all presentations that I make.

Having written that list, I sense that there may be different approaches/tools for some of these activities. Does anyone have any examples they’d be willing to share? Or have I missed anything that you would automatically review?


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