The agenda of the Lamb

I heard a guy called Samuel Rodriguez on the Catalyst podcast this week. He was captivating, with an enthusiasm that was positively contagious.  The thing that struck me most was a series of examples that he cited, where he paired things to illustrate the Christian imperative to combine righteousness and justice.  (You can find an article that he’s written on this theme here.)

He talked about them as representing the vertical AND horizontal dimensions of the Cross; combining the commitment to Christ AND to transforming our communities. These are the examples that Samuel Rodriguez used:

I found these combinations helpful AND challenging. Too often I/we opt for either/or rather than both/and. At least, we give much greater emphasis to one dimension over the other. Maybe it’s time to adjust our balance.

I’ve added a few of my own since hearing him:

  • Revelation AND observation;
  • Acceptance AND analysis;
  • Mary AND Martha

Yesterday I was reading some Augustine and I noticed a similar thought:

… if you want your prayer to fly up to God, give it two wings, fasting AND almsgiving.

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