When is it finished?

There is nothing so fatal to character as half-finished tasks.

David Lloyd George

I am not a ‘completer/finisher’ by nature. Finishing is something that I need to push myself to do. I’m much happier at the idea and initiation stage. But I do subscribe to the theory that if it’s not worth finishing, then it’s not worth starting.

Anyway, I recently asked myself how you know when something is finished.

In my opinion, a job or project is not completed when:

✗        All the tasks on the list have been ‘ticked’

✗        The filing has been done

✗        The file has been tidied and tied up with a bow

✗        The post-project review has been done

All of these things are valuable and essential steps on the way to completion (well, maybe not the bow!).

After looking at a number of tasks that need to be finished on my to do list, I realised what the missing element is.

A job or project is completed when:

        It’s out of my head.

I haven’t finished with a job, until it’s finished with me. While it’s still in my head, it’s still unfinished business. I have a technique for dealing with that – but that’s tomorrow’s entry.


2 thoughts on “When is it finished?

  1. I’m so far from being a completer/finisher it’s ridiculous, and I love your definition here, because all those unclosed loops are still in my head.
    I do think there can be circumstances though when something’s complete even thought it isn’t: when you’ve been exploring and idea and a project and you’ve learned what you came to it to learn.

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