The king

It’s not every day that a Roman soldier gets to execute a king. There might be some fun in this.

He’s a weird king though.

No army. Although last week he could have taken Jerusalem with the crowds behind him. But even when he was arrested his entourage only had a couple of swords between them. Some bodyguards they were – barely defended themselves, then ran away by all accounts.

No crown or robe. Well, the soldiers at the palace were able to fix that – in their own twisted way.

No people. It seems like the Jews don’t want him. Apparently they prefer Herod and Caesar, which is a change of heart for them. In the end only Pilate called him king, and maybe that was a joke or an attempt to wind up the Jews.

Still, he’s dying well, I’ll give him that. He’s going a bit quickly. Usually crucifixions take longer, but he’s nearly gone.

There’s something about him, something strange, something amazing.

Surely this man was the Son of God!


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