Shortcuts don’t work

First shortcut that failed

About 16 years ago we had several large trees cut down in our garden. We thought we’d save some money by not having the stumps removed. Over the years I have dug, cut, hacked, and pulled several of these tree remnants from the ground. The few quid that we saved has been vastly outweighed by the time that this task has consumed.

Second shortcut that failed

We have decided to revamp a chunk of our garden, so yesterday I started the process of clearing the area (this will take a long time). One of the first obstacles to be tackled was one of those tree stumps. Figuring that the roots would be well rotted after all this time, I didn’t apply my usual techniques of digging around it and cutting the roots one by one. No, I strode forth and applied brute force, and when there was a wee bit of surprising resistance I applied even more brute force. Didnae work – broke my shovel! Reverted to the tried and tested method and got it out. Anyone know where I can get my spade fixed?


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