Good procrastination

Really?? There’s such a thing?

Well, I think so – although it’s probably better to refer to it as ‘deferring’.

This is when I make a positive choice to leave something, to put it aside for a while. It’s a conscious effort to let an idea or problem develop – almost subconsciously and see what happens. Tony Jeary calls this “mental percolation time”. For me, it’s about allowing my brain to make connections – when I’m not thinking!

It often results in ‘the penny drops’ moments.

But beware – there is a danger of inertia creeping in. So if an idea’s not developing, it means that it’s time to do it (or bin it!).


2 thoughts on “Good procrastination

  1. Any creative act needs some time of gestation. Sometime this could be pretty long, too. I am a writer. A novel I wrote (I wrote it in my mothertongue Bengali, and it came out last year) took me years before I could sit down and write. But the ideas amassed in my head, in the meantime. This I don’t want to label as procrastination. I’m sure other artists and writers will agree with me too. I found your posts quite inspiring, by the way. Thank you.

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