Good procrastination

Really?? There’s such a thing?

Well, I think so – although it’s probably better to refer to it as ‘deferring’.

This is when I make a positive choice to leave something, to put it aside for a while. It’s a conscious effort to let an idea or problem develop – almost subconsciously and see what happens. Tony Jeary calls this “mental percolation time”. For me, it’s about allowing my brain to make connections – when I’m not thinking!

It often results in ‘the penny drops’ moments.

But beware – there is a danger of inertia creeping in. So if an idea’s not developing, it means that it’s time to do it (or bin it!).


One thought on “Good procrastination

  1. Any creative act needs some time of gestation. Sometime this could be pretty long, too. I am a writer. A novel I wrote (I wrote it in my mothertongue Bengali, and it came out last year) took me years before I could sit down and write. But the ideas amassed in my head, in the meantime. This I don’t want to label as procrastination. I’m sure other artists and writers will agree with me too. I found your posts quite inspiring, by the way. Thank you.

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