Bad procrastination

This is the more traditional (compared to yesterday’s offering) concept.

This is putting it off, ‘I don’t like doing it’; ‘I can’t be bothered’. It’s an all too frequent occurrence for me – but why?

Occasionally it’s a form of resistance against coercion.

The requirement to do a thing causes me to procrastinate doing that thing.

John Hodgman

But there’s more to it than that – even I’m not that cranky!

I came across this diagram (I do love a 2×2 diagram!), which I’ve found very helpful in recent days. It’s from an article by Heike Bruch and Sumnatra Ghoshal that was in the February 2002 HBR.

Since I came across it, I’ve been able to start assessing why I’m procrastinating – is it lack of energy or focus or both?

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the ways that I have tried to overcome procrastination.

No, really, I will do it tomorrow!


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