Book Review: Daddy dates

I received this book free as part of the Booksneeze programme at Thomas Nelson.  I was not required to give a favourable review – which will become evident.

Greg Wright’s book “Daddy dates” extols the virtues of a father ‘dating’ his daughters to build a positive relationship with them. By dating he does mean the whole thing about phoning them, asking for a date, and taking them out. I found this to be artificial – in the way that saccharin is an artificial sweetener. I found the whole idea to be sickly sweet, and consequently I didn’t derive any benefit from reading this book. (I should acknowledge that after 70 pages I gave up on it.)

I wholeheartedly applaud Wright’s desire to build positive, meaningful relationships with each of his daughters. My problem was with the method adopted. I cannot imagine ever asking my daughter to go on a ‘date’ with me. Maybe there’s a transatlantic culture void that this idea cannot transcend. Definitely not for me, but it has received a large number of positive reviews from others – so maybe it’s just me!


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