The modern meeting standard

I haven’t made my mind up about this book/manifesto yet. But I wanted to write about it before the FREE offer expires. – until 09 August 2011, you can download the Kindle version free. (You don’t need to own a Kindle to read it, it works on the Kindle app that’s available for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android etc, etc.)

You can find the gist of the book here.

It is an easy read, and much of Al Pittampalli’s “Modern Meeting Standard” resonates with me. I’m not convinced that it will work for everything that my organisation labels as a meeting. But, maybe, that’s the point – we need to improve how we label events to clarify their purpose and our approach to them.

I will certainly be looking at the meetings that I’m responsible for organising , and applying this manifesto to them, particularly around agenda-setting.

It’s definitely worth downloading – after all it’s free (if you hurry!)


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