The upside-down kingdom – Domesticated Christianity

God isn’t saying to the poor, Come find the church; he’s telling us to go.

Shane Claiborne

But we aren’t going. We’re staying safely in our buildings and huddles.

Shane Claiborne quotes an Iraqi bishop who told him that Christianity wasn’t discovered in the West, it was domesticated there. Now that’s pretty close to the bone and uncomfortable… which it should be.

According to research, 95% of the income of churches (in the USA) stays in the church – paying staff, maintaining buildings etc. My first reaction to this statistics was to dismiss it – it doesn’t apply to my church. We give 25 % of our income to mission – which is good. But, wait… didn’t we just build a big extension to our building? And what do we give to the poor – really, directly?

Are we really squeaky clean, but nowhere to be seen?

Are we treading water, complacent and lukewarm? What is our passion? Where is our passion? Where is our voice, our vision, our vocation?

Do we even stop to think about this anymore? Do I?



One thought on “The upside-down kingdom – Domesticated Christianity

  1. At a time when many dioceses are closing or consolidating parishes down in Texas ..Each week at Midlands Our Lady of San Juan Parish churchgoers attending Mass overflow the building into the lobby and outside..The church located 112 miles west of San Angelo seats just 300 people but more than 1 000 families call it their church home..In November San Juans parishioners will have a new church building one with a seating capacity of 1 200 and a 20-foot diameter dome that towers 91 feet in the sky..Eighty percent complete the new San Juan renamed San Miguel Arcangel is a visual testament to growth in the 29-county Catholic Diocese of San Angelo where at least 12 building projects have been under way the past two years..Bishop Michael Pfeifer called it the biggest building boom hes seen in his 25 years as bishop of the diocese..Theres been a lot of demand for constructing new buildings he said. Buildings arent the most important thing in the world people are but to me its a sign there are many people coming to our churches and wanting more space for worship prayer teaching religious education and other activities..I tell our priests that when the demands are there to have to build more churches thats a happy problem.

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