The upside-down kingdom: Church from the living room

We need community as we think these things through… to find God together and imagine a different way.

Shane Claiborne

This is not a surprising statement from someone who is seen as a founder of the ‘new monasticism’.

The vision of the church in Acts is micro-church, not mega-church.

A wee bit more surprising as he spent time at Willow Creek and had some good things to say about it.

I guess the key point is that whatever size of church we choose to be members of/ worship in/ be associated with, we NEED the input of a small group of people to nurture, guide, support and sustain us.  Essentially it’s the model that Jesus used with his disciples, and the early church.

Yet, we seem to struggle to get people to join our housegroups – in recent years the peak in our church was when 45% of the congregation were attached to a housegroup.

Still, tonight is the first meeting of our housegroup after the summer break, and it’s in our living room.  So I’m going to revel in the fun, friendship, fellowship, learning and being together.  Church in the living room – I could even keep my slippers on!


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