Landmines and course decisions

This is a guest post by Rachel Hutchinson.

I think I probably took something quite different from hearing Shane Claiborne than others did. For me the part that stood out the most was that science and technology could be used for God’s work. He talked about scientists that were really in the subject for the money, but realized that they could use their expertise for good and so created robots that could defuse landmines. This meant that children didn’t have to be sent out to find them, and they could play safely.

 This part stood out for me as I am about to go to university (on Saturday) to start a course called ‘Computer and Electronic Systems’. It took me a while to decide that it was the course I wanted to do, I knew it was the right decision in the end, but I didn’t know how I would use the degree to help others or do God’s work. So this message on Friday night reassured me that I am on the right path and my course will allow me to help others.

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