Book Review: 31 days to finding your blogging mojo

Disclosure – I received a free, advanced review copy of this e-book. I am not obliged to write a positive review… but I will.

I’ve often thought to myself that I blog, but I’m not a blogger. Well, maybe, that’s my excuse for inconsistency and a lack of effort. So I thought it’d be interesting to review this book, and see if I changed my mind.

This is a fun, useful book, and I stopped reading it after 25 pages. But for a good reason… I want to read the book in the way that Bryan Allain (h’es the author, which I should have mentioned before now) intended. That is, reading one short chapter a day, and applying the action to my own blog. So I’m going to keep that pleasure for the month of October – conveniently it has 31 days, which makes everything nice and neat.

Bryan Allain’s style is quirky, humorous, engaging, and easy to read. His daily actions will prove challenging if you take them halfway seriously.

If you have a blog – or, even, consider yourself to be a blogger, this wee book is worth reading. And you’ll get it for less than a fiver, so you won’t lose much even if you hate it. If like me you tend to drift in your blogging enthusiasm you might just recover (or discover) your mojo.

You can get the book at : OR

Amazon (this is the UK link).

3 thoughts on “Book Review: 31 days to finding your blogging mojo

  1. I read the whole book and now I want to go back and start doing the exercises he discusses! Will you blog about the changes you make or just do them quietly?

  2. Malisa
    That’s a great question! I hadn’t really thought of doing that, but it sounds like a good challenge… So, yes, I will blog about changes – or, rather, the experience of working through the book. (Sometime in Early November!)

    By the way, thanks for stopping by.

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