Midweek pause

After a productive morning, I found myself with a choice after lunch today – continue with what I had been working on and finish it, or go to my planned activity, or pick up another piece of work that was probably more urgent that either of the others.

My decision?  None of the above.

I stopped everything, took stock of my workload and re-prioritised the rest of the week.  In the process, I created a new ritual – the midweek pause.

No matter how well I plan my work for the week, things rarely (actually, never) work out that way.  New priorities arise, something more appealing magically rises to the top of my agenda, a higher level of interruption derails my planned work, etc, etc.

So rather than get downhearted, or thrash around trying to work harder to keep up, I’m going to set aside half an hour after lunch every Wednesday to pause, evaluate, reflect and refresh.

I accept this is hardly rocket science or a seismic shift in the world of productivity – but I think it’ll work for me, so I’m happy to share it with you.


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