TED – Connections and disconnections: part one

I came across this uplifting TED talk this morning.  It resonated with me in a number of ways.

The obvious connection is that we recently installed some PV (photovoltaic) panels on our roof – to generate some energy (if we ever get some sunlight in Scotland!).  And that sentence also contains a significant disconnection – we didn’t install anything.  We paid a company lots of money to install them for us.

Why didn’t we do it ourselves?  Well, I could find lots of partially plausible excuses, but the reality is that it didn’t even occur to us.  We had an easier option available and we chose to go down that route.

And as I reflect on it, the key difference is that we relied on the experts with the certificates, assuming that it was a job for the professionals.  I’m not saying we should have approached it differently – the government grant required a registered provider anyway.  My point is simply that while initially there seemed to be a point of connection, maybe the link isn”t as strong as it looked at first glance.

Part two tomorrow.


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