iPad and killer apps

I’ve had an iPad for about 3 months now.  Initially, I suspected that Michael Hyatt was right when he wrote that:

the iPad is an elegant solution in search of a problem

However, a couple of weeks ago I came to the conclusion that the key to loving the iPad – and using it productively – was finding the ‘killer app’.  That is, finding an app which makes such a difference to your use of the iPad that you are completely hooked.

Of course, there are gazillions of apps.  My favourites so far include:

  • GoodReader
  • YouVersion
  • Flipboard

But the one that is the ‘killer’ for me is iThoughtsHD – not the snappiest name in the world.  This is a flexible mind-mapping tool, which is ‘right up my street’.

I’ll write another time about how I use this app to improve my productivity.

The question that I want to raise today is – what apps do you find indispensable?

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