7 billion is a very big number

Told you so!

It’s also the total population of the world by the time you read this.  That is according to projections from the United Nations (and I’m certainly in no position to argue!)

Apparently it would take you 200 years to count to 7 billion, IF you didn’t lose your concentration.

You can find out where you fit in this multitude over at the BBC.

From my limited research, it seems that the population has more than doubled since I was born.

Why is any of this relevant?

In a sense it’s not.  It is only a number.

But maybe the size of the number should make us stop and think about what it might mean in terms of sustainability, equality, poverty, and political stability.  So over the next few days I’m planning to share some thoughts – if I can get my head round it all.

And if you have anything that you’d like to share – preferably on a related note – please leave a comment.


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