What if…?

Over the past couple of days we’ve had the first real ground frosts of the season.  But with clear skies and sunshine, it’s been a good opportunity to get into the garden.

Yesterday, while trying to sort out the priority task for the day, I asked myself:

“If this was the last day of the gardening season, what would I do?”

It helped to put things into perspective and I quickly decided what to do.  Then, as I was working, another question popped into my mind:

“If this was the last day of the gardening season, would I be happy with the current state of the garden?”

If the point of the first question is about prioritising; the second question is more about purpose and enjoying progress.

In many aspects of life, it’s too easy to simply focus on the next task.  We need to step back and look around to be clear about the big picture, and also to recognise the progress that we’ve made.

I wonder how the question would change – if at all – in other life settings?

(By the way, the answer to the second question is “Yes” – for the first time in many years, the garden is in pretty good nick.)


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