A year in a word

I was intrigued to find this story on the BBC website.

I’ve been aware of people (individuals) choosing a word to serve as a theme for the coming year, but not to sum up the year in retrospect.

The choice of word by the Japanese people is intriguing.  Intriguing that they chose a word to capture the positive aspect of an annus horribilis.  Intriguing that the second ‘favourite’ was not such a positive choice.

I wonder what word other societies would choose.  Would the citizens of the UK choose such a positive word – or would we focus on recession, or riots, or other discordant words?

I guess that there we often have similar choices to make – do I focus on the negative, or will I look beyond the immediate symptoms and look for the lessons in anything that I experience?  Uplifting or depressing; beneficial or detrimental; self-centred or other-focussed?  Choices, choices…

What choices will you (and I) make in the year that lies ahead?



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