Starting the week

The start of another working week.  How will I choose to approach it?

Will I relish the challenges, the problems, the distractions or will I grudgingly ‘punch the clock’ and wait for Friday to arrive?

Will I respond to what comes along, react to whatever emerges or will I seize the initiative, plot my steps towards fulfilling a purpose?

Will I make conscious choices to manage my energy and therefore produce the best quality work that I can or will I grind out more and more hours of mundanity?

Will I make time for other people, offering some degree of support, guidance, comfort, assurance or will I focus on my own priorities, feelings and deadlines?

As the week progresses will I follow through or fade away?

Will I make a difference or make a living?

Will I live a lot or die a little?

Which path will I choose?  And, it is a choice.  It’s too easy to pretend that we’re victims, unable to influence our situation.  Whatever your situation, whatever power or control you have (or lack), you can choose which attitude you will adopt.

It’s Monday morning – time to make your choice.

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