Capturing ideas

Yesterday’s entry reminded me of something that I’d stuck in my ‘Moleskine‘ the other week.

The idea behind the notebook is influenced by Dave Allen’s concepts around Getting Things Done.  That is, rather than cluttering your head trying to remember stuff, capture it somewhere.  So I decided to keep a separate notebook for things that popped into my head, or that I stumbled across.  Having captured them, my brain is freed to go a-wandering again, find new morsels, and so the loop continues.

The intention is to then do something with these ideas – expand them, add to them, join them to others.  Some of them even end up on these pages – directly or indirectly.

As you can see the idea shown above hasn’t been developed (at all).  But since it seemed to follow some of yesterday’s thinking, I decided to post it anyway.  Why wait for perfect, if imperfect will do?  (Regular readers will have noticed a lot of imperfect around here!)


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