… me neither!  Never heard of it that is.

Apparently the watusi was a popular dance craze in America (before I was born… just!). So how did I come across this amazing factoid?

By listening to a group on a funky wee app that I’ve just discovered called “Band of the Day”.  Worth checking it out – and it’s free.  Basically, it features music and info about one band each day (self-evidently).  So far, it’s eclectic (can eclectic be very or, even, extremely?)

Back to the Watusi… it’s performed by a group called Heavy Cream.  Apparently they’re classified as ‘garage punk’ (who knew?).  Ramones-esque, in my opinion. I’ve included two videos today.  I’m not sure which Watusi I prefer – Heavy Cream’s or Lurch’s.  Actually I do know, but I’m not telling (might give my age away!)


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