Faith: doubt and certainty

Jim Gordon quoted this earlier in the week:

It is a humorous paradox that in a faith that speaks about the “journey” of following Jesus, Christians claim to have total and absolute truth from the beginning, while scientists, who are supposed largely atheists and agnostics, are quite willing to work for decades knowing that their theories and hypostheses are merely provisional.

Richard Rohr

I wonder if this position still holds true.  With the rise of (what has been called) militant atheism, are the roles somewhat reversed?  Does the certainty lie with the atheists and the journeying doubt/exploration fit better with communities of faith?

In reality, the state of the “other” in the conversation is not something we can control, nor should we.  Therefore, the key question for me is not about the certainty, or otherwise, of the atheists.  Instead, I need to be asking myself – challenging myself – whether my faith is part of a journey, or have I come to a standstill?  Am I developing, deepening, demonstrating my faith or I am happy to sit back repeating my religious mantras and inhabiting a station of comfortable cliches?


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