Succeeding as a gentle manager

After writing yesterday’s entry, I came across a list of “Nine Reasons Managers Struggle”.

The reasons given were:

  1. Managers Fail to Build Trust and Integrity. 
  2. They Have the Wrong Focus. 
  3. They Don’t Model or Build Accountability. 
  4. They Fail to Consistently Reinforce What’s Important. 
  5. They Over-rely on Consensus.
  6. They Focus on Being Popular.
  7. They Get Caught Up in Their Self-Importance. 
  8. They Put Their Heads in the Sand.
  9. They Fix Problems, Not Causes.

(I’m not entirely convinced that all of these reasons are valid, but that’s not my concern here.)

As you will see, I’ve colour coded the list.  I believe that the reasons shown in green can be overcome by adopting the approach of the gentle manager.  That’s (at least) 6 out of 9 of the reasons listed, which sounds pretty good to me.

Any views, or challenges?


2 thoughts on “Succeeding as a gentle manager

  1. Focusing on Results or outcome – is one of the main problem a manager has. How is more important than what in the process. In Gita it is said that ” Do your ( karma) duties dont worry about results. ”

    A gentle manager gently follows this simple Karma without getting worried…

  2. Keshabsen
    Thanks for your comment. It’s interesting that you seem to come to your view from a spiritual perspective. As a Christian, this is something that I’m continually trying to work through, in all aspects of my life.

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