Anger management 2

Still thinking a wee bit about anger, and the first thing that I want to say is that anger is not always to be suppressed.

Angry Talk (Comic Style)
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Anger is a reaction, an emotional one – so becoming aware that we’re getting angry, tells us that we are reacting emotionally to something.  (In my calmer, rational moments) the key is to recognise the emotion, then to take a moment…

We need to decide if the issue is worthy of challenge.  Some things are sufficiently important that they should be tackled head on.  But that doesn’t mean that we should tackle them angrily.  We should use the reaction to trigger the ‘worthiness’ decision, and use the pause to calm down and focus on the issue at hand, not the emotion.

If the issue isn’t worth tackling, let your anger go.  There is little to be gained from an angry exchange over a trivial matter.

The thing about all of this is – I react quickly, but I think slowly.  So I need to learn to slow down, to take time.  Time for the emotion to subside and the thinking to kick in.

Most things that I’m involved in will not be about righteous anger – at injustice or oppression.  So I need to keep a sense of proportion and acceptance.


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