Anger management 3

That Hideous Man’s comment earlier this week got me thinking.  I like his three-tier hierarchy of ‘anger issues’, and I completely agree with his suggested treatment of big issues, and also small ones.

I also think he’s right to suggest that we have a choice about how to handle the ‘medium-sized issues’ – i.e. they can’t be left where they are.  However, I want to add a wee bit more to the proposal.  I suggest that we should adopt Peter Bregman’s ‘Rule of Three‘ when dealing with medium-sized issues that we downgrade to low-level.  So, if we find ourselves downgrading issues with the same person repeatedly, let it go twice, then raise it with them.  This avoids a negative element developing in your relationship, and stops these issues festering on your head!

And, on a lighter note… a scene from the film “Anger Management”


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