Spring cleaning

Apparently today is the first day of spring.  From the flowers and growth in the garden, it seems to me like it’s been spring for a few weeks now!  Anyway…

Traditionally, this is the season for deep cleaning in the house – as in ‘spring cleaning’.  It’s not a habit that we’ve ever really embraced.  (However, we are currently endeavouring to do some serious de-cluttering.)  As my mind wandered – briefly – on the topic of spring cleaning, I wondered what other areas of life could use a good clear out.

Maybe this is a good time to review rituals, routines, allocation of time.  Or perhaps to look at spiritual and physical exercises.  Maybe it’s time to try something completely new, or to de-clutter some age-old assumptions and prejudices.

Does the mood of optimism (more daylight, warmer temperatures, sap rising) favour the adoption of resolutions at this time of year, rather than in the depths of winter?

My mum talks about giving ‘the hoose a guid redd oot!”  Do you intend any ‘redding oot’ this season?


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