Accentuate the positive

Yesterday’s Great Work Provocation was:

“It’s too easy to step over what’s already working.  Find 10 things now that are humming along nicely.”

It’s too easy (especially for me) to focus on what’s broken or limping along at a snail’s gallop!  But what happens when we adopt a bias towards seeing – and, if necessary, seeking – the things that are going well and the people who are producing good work.

Some projects will be obvious successes and should be celebrated as such, but in the day-to-day of our lives, these moments will be occasional (at best).  However, I am convinced that if we look properly – look in way that will reveal it – there are many things going right in every organisation and family.  It will often be found in those who are quietly effective, meeting or exceeding expectations without a fanfare or recognition.

So, let’s look for the positive activities.  Turn down the volume of your inner critic:

“… the constant critic loses hope and lacks joy.  The constant critic finishes the day feeling defeated and unsuccessful.”

Jenni Catron

And then, let’s turn this positive approach into a daily ritual.  And here’s Bing’s version of the title song for this post to inspire you:


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