Great Work Provocations – Consistency

I’ve commented previously on Great Work Provocations from Box of Crayons. Over the next few days I’ll write about some of the provocations that have resonated with me recently.  I’m going to start with the one that I received this morning.

Where does your commitment to consistency get in the way of your commitment to the truth?

This one struck a chord because it reflects several situations that I’ve been involved within recent days.

I frequently hear (and sometimes think) that consistency is the hallmark of integrity.  What is usually meant (as opposed to what is said) is:

‘repetition is consistency, which is the hallmark of integrity.’

In other words, we put the emphasis and value on the action rather than the intention. Mindlessly repeating the same action is not a good measure of consistency.  In fact, neither is mindfully repeating the same action.

Simply because ‘we’ve always done it that way’, doesn’t mean that we should continue to do it that way!

In my opinion, the missing ingredient in this approach is wisdom.  The wisdom to take each situation and evaluate it, assess it and apply the relevant technique/solution.  Doing this consistently will lead to integrity – but it takes time and thought and a willingness to challenge the system, the organisation and the self.

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