Great Work Provocations – Teamwork

This is the last thought (for the time being) prompted by Great Work Provocations from Box of Crayons.

Let’s say it’s not a team but a band. Who’s on drums and keeping the beat? Who’s on lead guitar? Who’s singing the tune? Where are the gaps in the music?

This was one of the early provocations that I received.  It came at a time when I was starting to think through how we could begin to reorganise the teams in my service area to improve joint working and effectiveness.

I’m playing with the concept of developing a more open structure, where people are assigned to projects on the basis of the skills required, as opposed to projects being allocated to individuals or teams based on roles.  The upshot of this approach would be constantly changing teams, fluid structures and opportunities to work with different people on different projects.

I’m not clear about the mechanics of it all yet, and I’m not confident that it will be well received in a large, bureaucracy – but that won’t stop me trying because my team leaders seem to be up for it.

Using the analogy of a band, rather than a team might not be the answer, but at least it helped to support my initial thought processes.


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