Deep contentment

“Your first task is to live with deep contentment, joy and confidence in your experience of every day life with God.”

Dallas Willard

Two things intrigue me about this statement.  Firstly that living with deep contentment, joy etc is a task.  While we may see this state as a privilege or a blessing, it also requires work – i.e. conscious effort.  Our human nature (at least, mine) tends to focus on problems; we see obstacles rather than opportunities.  so we are encouraged to work to overcome this trait.

The second point of intrigue is that Dallas Willard sees this as our first task.  I guess that he means that if all is well in our soul, all will be well in our world – or, at least, we will have the strength and wisdom to deal with things as they come our way.

So now we know what should be at the top of our to do list tomorrow!

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