Silo thinking

“The most challenging silos to break down are those of habit and custom: silos of the mind.”

James Strock

Silos Grain silos in the old station yard, Sco...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking about silos.  it strikes me that we all recognise that we operate within them, yet we all talk negatively about silo thinking.  Is this confusion or double standards or laziness?

What would it take to move from bewailing the silos that we encounter to helping each other out of the silos, and then to dismantle them?

The ladder and the hammer have already been invented, so the tools are at hand!  I suspect that the problem is one of custom, comfort, and control.

Custom – we’ve got used to this state, and it’s our ‘normal‘.

Comfort – change looks hard and it’s cosy in here.

Control – in my world (silo) I can be king (or queen).


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