Pausing to learn

Gheorghe Tattarescu - Magdalena,
Gheorghe Tattarescu - Magdalena, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier this week I read a wonderful wee article by Norman Allen – about Mary Magdalene being at the heart of the Easter story.  It’s well worth a read.

As I read it I asked myself a question for the first time – after more than forty years of hearing this story!  (I am a bit slow on the uptake – as my Dad used to say.)

Why did Mary address the risen Jesus as ‘Rabboni’ when she recognised him?  Why not “Lord’ or ‘Master’ or simply ‘Jesus’?  Of course it may have been the first thing that popped into her head, given her state of grief and confusion.

But maybe it was because she had paused at the tomb – while the male disciples had run off to be dynamic and active (or something).  Maybe as she paused she was trying to make sense of some of the mysterious things that Jesus had said to his followers in the preceding days and weeks.  Maybe she was reflecting on his teaching, and so would have been thinking of Jesus as ‘rabboni’.

Whatever the reason for Mary’s response, it caused me to stop and think…

… how often do I pause long enough to be teachable?  Do I take time just to contemplate what Jesus said and try to figure out its meaning?  Do I allow Jesus to speak to me – or more accurately, am I too preoccupied to recognise him when he does?  Does Sabbath have a spiritual meaning for me or is it just a (notional) weekly calendar event?

Time for me to stop… and think!

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