Photographic adjustments

Back in the day when my Dad was taking photos on his Zeiss Ikon Nettar everything was completely manual, and black and white.

When I took up photography transaction costs were high (buying film and getting it processed), so every shot was carefully focused and composed.

When I entered the digital era the direct transaction costs were negligible and ignorance of processing software was the biggest barrier.

Now with the advent of iPad apps, knowledge of software intricacies is not required (although I still think that it’s desirable). The transaction cost is now measured in time – time to sift through, edit, adjust, tweak and fiddle with hundreds of digital images.

It seems to me that the importance of careful composition has been replaced with developing an eye for post-production processing capabilities. I’m not sure that I’ve adjusted to this yet.

Whatever the format, I agree with Peter Adams:

Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.


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