Seeing what’s there

This isn’t the most interesting photo that I’ve ever taken – but it serves a purpose!

This roundabout is at the entrance to the office that I work in.  I’ve been based here since September 2009, so I pass this way twice on most work days.  Before moving to this office, I would have negotiated this roundabout at least once a week – since it was created in 2003.  I estimate that I’ve passed this roundabout approximately 1700 times.

(Aye – I know, not the most interesting blog post I’ve ever written  There’s a theme emerging!)

The point is that on Monday of this week I noticed – for the first time – the beautiful tree that the roundabout was designed around.  As I approached it the sunshine was catching the emerging leaves and it was amazing.  Now I recognise that I should be paying attention to the traffic etc, but how could I have passed by 1700+ times and not noticed this tree?

If I was the engineer who designed the roundabout, I’m sure that I would have been fully aware of it – it probably caused him/her a great deal of bother!

The question is – if I could miss this tree, what else do I blithely ignore everyday?  Do I ignore or overlook any people?  Time to be a we bit more observant!


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