Priorities, routines and habits

As I’ve been reflecting on the topic of priorities, one of the thoughts that keeps coming back to me is that embedding a set of priorities in your life requires a conscious effort.


(photo by add1sun @

The intention behind my list of priorities is primarily to inform decision-making.  But that decision-making doesn’t have to be reactive.  In many cases, you can decide ‘in advance’.  As a simple example, most of us have decided in advance when we will clean our teeth each day.  By executing that decision time after time, it will have become a habit that is part of your daily routine.

If you want to be intentional about adopting a habit (in this case, applying a principle to your life), then you can adopt a similar approach.

So, for me, spending time with God – I previously described this as ‘spiritual responsiveness’ – is my highest priority.  The question then becomes, ‘What habits and routines am I consciously adopting in this area?’.

If I can figure that out – for each of my priority areas – then I’ll be more likely to follow through on them.

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