The power of keystone habits

I was reading some stuff that Charles Duhigg has written about habits – not his book, but a manifesto available from “Change This“.  (By the way, this is a great site supporting and spreading great ideas.)

 Anyway, Duhigg was talking about keystone habits, which are habits that:

“… have the power to start a chain reaction.  These are ‘keystone habits’ and they can start a process that, over time, transforms everything.”

This seems to fit with an approach that I’ve been adopting this week as I try to live in line with my stated priorities.  I’ve been making some adjustments to my morning routine, so that I begin my day with a series of rituals (habits) that will get me off to a good start.  My hope is that when these habits are embedded, they will have a ripple effect into the other aspects of my life.  I guess that only time will tell if this is successful, but Duhigg’s research has given me sufficient room for optimism.


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