The need to stretch

Part of my re-invigorated morning routine is to stretch my body.  But this entry is about a different kind of stretch – it’s about challenging ourselves to do something new that will take us to another level.

This theory applies at the gym where varying your workout challenges your muscles.  In the same way, it should apply to our working life – taking on new challenges –  and to our ‘thinking’ life – finding new stimuli, reading about a new topic etc.

I recently heard Austin Kleon (author of Steal Like an Artist) being interviewed and he said:

If you ever find yourself in a room where you’re the most talented, you need to find a new room.

Stretching yourself takes effort.  Firstly, the mental effort to recognise the need.  Secondly, the effort to follow through – especially when the stretch is difficult or if you feel that you are failing initially.

Alternatively, you can refuse to stretch yourself, but this will leave you stuck in the same wee world/ routine/ mindset.

Of course, you can choose which route to take.  It’s up to you.


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