Tour de force

I’ve blogged about the Tour de France before – and I’ll probably do it again in the future.

But over the many years that I’ve watched this annual spectacle, today has to be the pinnacle.  Not because Bradley Wiggins won – he did that several days ago.  Winning le Tour is a magnificent achievement for any cyclist, especially a Brit!

But for me, Wiggo’s real triumph came today.  In the words of the TV commentator he was:

Eating his heart out for his team-mate.

Instead of settling for a relaxed lap of honour, Wiggins chose to race hard to provide his team-mate, Mark Cavendish, with the perfect platform to win today’s stage.

This was an amazing display of servant leadership – giving himself to the team, as they have given to him over the last three weeks.  Supporting the guy whose personal ambitions have largely been sacrificed to the team’s overall goals.

An excellent example for all of us who think of ourselves as leaders.

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