Slow down to ‘Why?’

A couple of times this week I’ve found myself being caught up in conversations that started with the ‘how?’ of the issue.  (This probably happened a lot more… I only managed to catch myself twice!)

In both cases, the outcome was very unsatisfactory and didn’t move the problem forward – in fact, the only progress was to shunt the problems to someone else!

After each incident I started to think about what had happened, and the conclusion in both cases was the same… our starting point made the outcome (almost) inevitable.  Because we didn’t take the time to fully understand what we were trying to achieve/ why we were involved, we jumped to solutions.

So my homework exercise for the weekend is to re-watch Simon Sinek’s Ted talk about starting with why.  Maybe it will serve as reminder as I start to tackle next week’s problems.  Even if it doesn’t it’s a good talk anyway!  Care to join me?


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