Why start with why?

So, I completed my weekend homework exercise… and here is the output.

What is ‘the why’?

‘The why’ is what we believe; what is important to us; what we cherish.  It’s what we are called to do, or driven/compelled to do.  In essence, it’s the heart of our being.

And, if this is the case, it should determine where we invest our energy, and how we go about our daily activities.

So far, not too insightful, huh?

But as I listened to Simon Sinek’s presentation, another thought occurred to me.  He talked about ‘the what’ (and I would add ‘the how’) being the proof of what we believe.

Maybe that’s blindingly obvious.  But it’s also painfully obvious – when our ‘how’ and ‘what’ demonstrate to others (that’s the obvious component) the reality of our ‘why’, that can be painful.  In the situations that I alluded to yesterday, there was a clear disconnect between our espoused beliefs (our ‘why’) and our actions… and that’s painful.

So why start with ‘why’?  Because it’s the only way to maintain integrity – to reflect what we believe in ‘what’ we do and ‘how’ we do it.  Now that’s a good challenge to start the week with.


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